A new Guardian documentary, Eve, follows a nine-year-old girl on her journey back to mainstream schooling after moving to Tinkers Bubble, the oldest off-grid community in the UK. As she grapples with the fear of what her peers might think of her passion for the environment and her determination to have her voice heard, we gain an intimate and intergenerational perspective of what it really means to move a family off grid.The film was made with the support of the BFI Doc Society Fund and the Climate Story Labs. The filmmakers, Joya Berrow and Lucy Jane, set out with the clear objective of making the entire production carbon conscious. The Tinkers Bubble community is committed to living fossil-fuel free and has been beyond carbon neutral for 25 years. We find out more about its approach to sustainable filmmaking and the lessons learned along the way.

Guardian interview with filmmakers Joya Berrow & Lucy Jane

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Directors: Joya Berrow & Lucy Jane
Producer: Orban Wallace
DOP: Lucy Jane
Cam Operators: Orban Wallace, Ruben Woodin, Jack Thompson
Sound: Leo Smith
Score: Noemie Ducimetrie
Production: Gallivant Film
Exec: BFI Doc Society, Lisa Marie